Assorted Romance Novels ($2 for all 3) - $2 (Easton, PA)

Dawn of Passion by Catherine Kay (1982) A potent magnetism drew her to Egypt. Robyn Douglas, Ph.D candidate in ancient languages, was deeply moved by the mysterious desert land. She felt she was home at last, doubly so when she met Sayed al-Rashad, the dizzyingly attractive archaeologist she would be working with. He obviously didn't share her reaction. Instead he pegged her as a starry-eyed American coed who, like many others before her, would probably falling in love with him to the detriment of their work....383 Pages.

When Love Commands by Jennifer Wilde (1984) Savagery and Splendor as Marietta Danver's conveyance sped across the wintry Russian landscape, not ever her sumptuous furs could keep out the sudden chill of apprehension. Was she letting wounded vanity lead her into danger? Her heart had been broken but could she really forget by running off to St. Petersburg with Count Gregory Orlov? ....598 Pages

Daughters of the Storm by Aola Vandergriff (1983) Beautiful, impetuous Denise Dugal, shy almond-eyed Liane Wang, gently Irish Nora Murphy, and dark fiery Jo Blaine all shared one thing; the courage and passion of the legendary McLeod sisters, who had forged a future on the world's greatest frontiers. Now, as Europe plunged into World War 1, this new generation of women seized their priceless legacy and carried it to the battlefields of France. Here in a rough field hospital behind enemy lines, they found: Peter Carey: the British doctor who hid his passion for Denise behind his gift of Healing. Steve Long: the wound soldier who gave Liane his heart before he could even see. Mule: the gentle American who taught Nora to trust again and Kurt Kellerman: the German soldier Jo vowed to possess even if it meant betraying her own country....444 Pages.

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