Music Producer/Songwriter/Arranger/Multi-Instrumentalist for hire

What up!! I'm Christopher Duddy of Seedy Sound Studios, a space for home grown ideas to prosper. SeedySoundStudios.com

As a nationally touring performer, studio musician, audio editor, music producer, and Berklee College of Music alum, I strive to help artists and writers, young and old, pro and amateur, experience themselves inside the production. I work with the artist or writer in accomplishing the very important steps of arranging, the actual performing of the instruments, the audio production, and mixing. I can also help you with writing chord progressions, melodies, lyrics, or the whole song if needed. Any style, from from Country and Rock to Funk and Hip Hop, and everywhere in between! This also applies to voice specialists for Audiobook recordings, commercials, etc.

I play a large array of instruments, with some exceptions of course, and can also hear and imagine their distinct parts within the whole and hope to lend my ear and skills to help anyone with their own music and recording. I can even sing on your track(s) if you want, background or lead, up to you!

Afternoons, I teach music to all ages virtually and in person at all levels of ability. By night, I perform as a Solo Artist (Check me out on Youtube - Seedy Sound Studios), guitarist and vocalist in Splintered Sunlight (a popular regional Grateful Dead cover band), guitarist and vocalist in Franklin & Alison (a 25 years in the music business private event band), I work with private event companies like EBE and BVT in the Philadelphia area as a guitarist and vocalist, and have worked with many many other bands and artists over the years. Notably I played lead guitar for the national acts Three Legged Fox and Natural Breakdown.

Oh, but let me not forget, that every day, I'm a dedicated partner and father. 

I composed the film score to the documentary: Tanks: A Century on the Battlefield., I have also produced custom underscores for commercials and promotional videos for various clients.

I've audio edited two audiobooks to the specs required by the platforms chosen by the authors. i.e Amazon Kindle

I suppose it's safe to say I know the music/entertainment business from the ground up and I hope to serve others in breaking through their own soil with me at Seedy Sound Studios, whether it’s just for fun, for soul, for art, for family, or getting that #1 track out there!!

I approach my business like I approach someone asking me if I know a song while I'm performing and me saying back, "I'll learn it on my break." I listen to it once or twice and rock it. If there's something I can't do, I'll tell you but when it comes to your musical handy man, I'm confident that as a musician and audio producer, to your benefit, I'm your jack of all trades, and more of a master on guitar. 


•Music/Audio production (Recording, editing and mixing of voice and/or instruments)

•In Studio musician for ALMOST ALL instruments in ANY style. All one person (myself) so lower on cost to you.

•Songwriting/Composition (chord progressions, melodies, forms and even lyrics)

•Arranging (instrumentation, song flow, specific instrumental parts)

•Recording, editing, and mixing of audiobooks, podcasts, voiceovers, etc.

•Film Scoring/Underscoring for movies, television, documentaries, commercials, promo videos, video games & apps etc.


Film score excerpt:

Songwriting excerpt:

Production/Underscore excerpt:

Can’t wait to get started with you! Talk soon!

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