CL-108 SRM, VersaClimber Sport/Rehab - $3,900 (Allentown)

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make / manufacturer: VersaClimber
model name / number: SRM Sport Rehab Model
size / dimensions: 50″x43"x94"
VersaClimber SRM Sport Rehab Model

Height: 7’10”
Base size: 43″ wide x 50″ long

This is the model we are selling : https://versaclimber.com/product/srm-sport-rehab-model/

The SRM Rehab Model VersaClimber is a total body, closed chain, rehabilitation exercise machine. It utilizes one of the most natural and intensity selective muscular activities to which the body can be subjected. The SRM is fully adjustable to fit the height, weight and length of all types of athletes and patients. Total body vertical climbing exercise and rehabilitation routines have been developed to provide a continuous arm and leg action in a seated or standing position, using a wide selection of stroke lengths, stroke rates, and resistance levels. Using the adjustable seat mount, VersaClimber allows patient to progress from non to partial to full weight bearing, full body exercise. SRM comes standard with Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern climb pattern.

The ideas for the Rehab VersaClimber are the results of working closely with clinicians, sports trainers, health care practitioners, therapists, the disabled and others who have a special interest in improved rehabilitation therapy.

*Major Muscle Groups: The VersaClimber is unique in that it allows you to simply hold the hand rails and use as a traditional club stepper or a total body climber the choice is up to you.

*Dynamic Workout: While treadmills, steppers, bikes and ellipticals work primarily the lower body, the VersaClimber is dynamic in that it provides a more complete "true" upper and lower body exercise–all in one.

*Saves Floor Space: The home model VersaClimber doesn’t take up a lot of floor space, unlike treadmills and ellipticals, it only requires 43" x 50" of floor; That's it for a true total body workout. With its small foot print and total body results the VersaClimber is your choice for home training.

*Non-Impact: The VersaClimber is a zero impact, non traumatic machine. There is no pounding on knees and joints.

*Display Module: The display module provides time, distance, calories, imperial, metric, feet per minute, virtual opponents and landmarks to select.

*Smooth and quiet: It’s so smooth and quiet you can use it while others are reading or watching T.V. in the same room. This is made possible by its plastic coated cable for a virtually silent operation.

Cash and carry only.

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